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CONTRACO Máquinas e Equipamentos has been operating for more than 34 years (since 1986) in the municipality of Taió - Santa Catarina, offering heating, ventilation, drying and pneumatic transport solutions for companies throughout Brazil and Mercosur.

In the industrial sector, CONTRACO is a reference in the manufacture of ovens and greenhouses for the Food, Petrochemical, Automobile, Nautical and Metal Mechanics industries in general. In the wood sector, CONTRACO stands out in the manufacture of Wood Dryers Greenhouses for phytosanitary treatment, Painting booths, Exhaust systems. In the ventilation sector it is a manufacturer of industrial fans and complete exhaust and air renewal systems in small, medium and large environments, providing thermal comfort for the worker.

Making a difference in the industrial market for 35 years!

What we do?

Contract produces machines for drying and phytosanitary treatment of wood. It also produces bespoke industrial ovens and greenhouses, with engineering standards and products for ventilation and exhaust, for air conditioning and particle elimination.

Seek efficiency and add value to products, aiming at the benefit of our customers, delivering quality and durability, in search of return on investments for buyers, shareholders, employees and the community.

To be a reference in drying and treating wood, seeking the use of alternative sources for the generation of heat, always taking as a premise the reduction of pollutants and the harmony of nature; Become a benchmark in industrial ovens and greenhouses, especially tailored and generate quick and simple solutions according to the needs of our customers.

Being a company that respects the market, cares for its employees and shareholders, treats its competitors equally, aiming at the daily improvement of its products, which reflect what we think and preach.

Always be attentive to market movements, placing yourself at the forefront of technological, environmental, financial and humanitarian changes.

Pillars and values:

- Pleasant working environment;
- Team spirit and focus on the activity;
- Trust, respect and empathy;
- Commitment and quality service;
- Quality of products and services;
- Transparency in processes;
- Pleasant work environment - Make the company a place of excellence for work, with benefits for employees;
- Team spirit and focus on the activity: Always seek harmony in all sectors of the company with well-defined objectives;
- Trust, respect and empathy: Believing in the human being, who is the mirror of our thinking and must always be treated with respect and empathy;
- Commitment and quality service: To be a company committed to its objectives, also seeking the best customer service;
- Quality of products and services: Do the best with the greatest possible perfection, always seeking creativity and innovation;
- Transparency in processes: act in a responsible and affable manner, respecting each other, contributing to the benefit of all.

Marketing and Distribution

Marketing is carried out by CONTRACO's internal sales department and its representatives, which cover the country and MERCOSUR. Teams are periodically trained in order to provide our customers with not only the product, but the solution of problems.